Trouble Getting to Sleep?

The fall is all about transitioning....warmer weather trickles off to colder, a new school year begins, the upcoming slew of holidays makes its way to the forefront of everyone's mind,...and with all of that comes added stress and the potential for a few headaches.  And, if you're anything like me, when things get busy and you're feeling the crunch it can be difficult to fall asleep at night when your mind is still racing when all you want to do is get some shut-eye.  Some swear by melatonin.  Some practice a calming yoga routine prior to bedtime.  I find myself reaching for my ear buds (so I don't keep my darling husband awake) and turning on a guided meditation to help my mind quiet enough so I can drift peacefully off to sleep.  And for me, it works every time!

Below are a few links to some guided meditations I often use at bedtime.  If any of these don't seem to work for you, this particular individual has a TON of guided meditations, so please browse through all he has to offer and find what resonates with you.  If this individual just doesn't do it for you, please take the extra step to find someone who IS more your speed (i.e. pace, soothing voice, offerings, etc.).  There are really so many guided meditations out there for FREE, you owe it to yourself to take an extra moment and find someone you love!!

I usually just fall asleep during the guided meditation and find myself waking up in the middle of the night to roll over and end up removing my ear buds in the process.  However, if the ear buds don't work for you, a guided meditation can always be listened to without them.  And be sure to try this a few times before giving up, as practice makes perfect and you need to allow yourself some time to get used to meditation (just like nobody becomes a professional tennis player in the first practice session!).

My hope for you is that you have as much success (if not more!) as I have had with guided meditations being the key to helping the mind quiet so sleep comes quicker and is more sound.



Links to Guided Meditations:

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April Fee